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PEARLS OF Salento (by bus):

  • Coast road Santa Maria di Leuca – Otranto
  • Otranto and its hidden treasures
  • The hidden Gallipoli and Galatina, pearl of Salento
  • Lecce, the Baroque


PEARLS OF Salento (by boat):

The best way to learn about the Salento East Coasts is definitely on boat. Just so you can explore the most beautiful hidden coves and caves, and the only way you can reach untouched areas, where you can bathe in contact with nature.

The tours we offer are as a dip in the history, nature and traditions of fishing and the Salento cuisine. Seas that thousands of years ago were furrowed by Greek and Roman ships, places inhabited only by the mediterranean monk seal, places where you can still breathe the maritime culture.


  • Otranto, Water Mill, Baia dei Turchi, Alimini Lakes
  • Otranto, Orte Bay, PalasciaLighthouse (Cape of Otranto), Porto Badisco
  • Otranto, Santa Cesarea, Castro
  • Otranto, St. Andrew, Bear Tower, San Foca


Bike tours lasting 2 hours and about 15 km, with guidance on cycle paths around the lakes Alimini, fortified farms, fields, olive groves, municipal and provincial paved and unpaved roads, with small breaks to cool off and have explanations on the places visited.


walks from 1 up to 4 hours along these fantastic itineraries:

  • Red Lake Bauxite
  • Farm Cippano
  • Roman Road + visit to the Abbey of St. Nicola di Casale
  • Bay of Orte (the highest point east of Italy)
  • Tower of the Serpent + Valley of Memories
  • Valli dell’Idro + + sources of Charlemagne neviera Santa Barbara
  • TowerS.Emiliano
  • Porto Badisco

Routes can be made at nights with the full moon and dawn.

Upon request, returning from walking, can be organized barbecues with local produce accompanied by the famous Salento’s Pizzica.

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